Move Better TLC: Scapula and Trapezius Massage Ball Roll

Pain in the neck? Try this Yoga TuneUp technique to release tension build-up in the neck and upper back. 


Desk Rx: Calf stretch

Easy to take a four minutes and stretch your calves out during a stretch break at work. Great for runners, cyclists and retail workers. 


Desk Rx: Chest Stretch

Take 2 minutes out of your day and do this chest opener for better posture and neck relief. 


Alleviate headaches and neck tension: MELT Method foam roll

I love this MELT method foam roll. It’s great for releasing neck and head tension. And if you suffer from headaches, do this now! 


Alleviate Knee Pain: Quad Foam Roll

Move Better with the #MobilityWOD: Quad Foam Roll

This is a three part roll: bottom, middle & top of quad

Start at bottom. Roll up & down slowly. Pause. Rock side to side. Pause. Kick foot towards butt. Repeat middle of thigh and top of thigh. 

Ready to get rolling? For my recommendation, visit www.mastrofitness.com/mobility to order a foam roller.