The almighty quad stretch.

This quad stretch is intense. But great for lower back pain, knee pain and overall opening up the hips. So you should do it now. 


Move Better TLC: Scapula and Trapezius Massage Ball Roll

Pain in the neck? Try this Yoga TuneUp technique to release tension build-up in the neck and upper back. 


Desk Rx: Calf stretch

Easy to take a four minutes and stretch your calves out during a stretch break at work. Great for runners, cyclists and retail workers. 


Desk Rx: Chest Stretch

Take 2 minutes out of your day and do this chest opener for better posture and neck relief. 


Alleviate headaches and neck tension: MELT Method foam roll

I love this MELT method foam roll. It’s great for releasing neck and head tension. And if you suffer from headaches, do this now!