Desk Rx: Chest Stretch

Take 2 minutes out of your day and do this chest opener for better posture and neck relief. 


Alleviate headaches and neck tension: MELT Method foam roll

I love this MELT method foam roll. It’s great for releasing neck and head tension. And if you suffer from headaches, do this now! 


Alleviate Knee Pain: Quad Foam Roll

Move Better with the #MobilityWOD: Quad Foam Roll

This is a three part roll: bottom, middle & top of quad

Start at bottom. Roll up & down slowly. Pause. Rock side to side. Pause. Kick foot towards butt. Repeat middle of thigh and top of thigh. 

Ready to get rolling? For my recommendation, visit www.mastrofitness.com/mobility to order a foam roller. 


Move Better TLC: Massage Ball Chest Release

Bad posture no more! Do this daily to ease neck, head and shoulder pain. 
  1. Take a TriggerPoint Performance Massage ball (or lacrosse/tennis ball) and place it smack in the middle of your chest. 
  2. If you have a yoga block, use it for leverage, then press the ball into your chest. Yes, it’s ouchie. 
  3. Twist two times in each direction. Try not to grimace too much. 
  4. Then press the ball into your chest and grab some meat to pull back four times. 
  5. Feel free to repeat in various areas of the chest. And to compare sides before switching, you may notice one shoulder is lower than the other. It’s magic. 

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Move Better TLC: IT Band Foam Roll

Our Torture Loving Care move this week: IT band

Runners and cyclist’s this one is for you! For all those with knee pain below the knee or top of the hip (kind of feels like the hamstring), then you should be doing this everyday.

This is a 3 part roll: bottom, middle & top of side of leg

  1. Start at bottom, right above the knee. Roll up & down slowly. 4x. Pause. BREATHE!
  2. Rock side to side. 4x. Pause. BREATHE! (And hide pain-face.)
  3. Kick foot towards butt. 4x. BREATHE! (Keep hiding your pain-face.)
  4. Repeat middle of thigh and top of thigh.
  5. Repeat sequence twice. Lucky you.
Trust me, it gets better.

Ready to get rolling? For my recommendation, visit www.mastrofitness.com/mobility to order a foam roller.